Gulf Coast Storm Panels

Protecting Your Home Against Storms On The Gulf Coast

Installing high quality storm shutters and window protection on the Gulf Coast is a wise investment.

Providing Security Against Storm Damage

Preparedness can save you tens of thousands of dollars in terms of storm protection. Every year, the severity and frequency of bad weather seems to take homeowners and businesses by surprise, and they are forced to deal with storm-related property damage.

Even though you cannot control the weather, there are many things you can do to protect your property and loved ones. Our line of storm protection products will give you peace of mind, and with our turnkey installation and service, they will always be ready when you need them the most.

Armor Screen

Durability You Can Rely On

Research and analysis of the destruction caused by Hurricane Andrew revealed the need for significantly enhanced protection for all structures. Armor Screen Corporation was born from this research. A “game-changing” technology has been designed and developed to protect against the potential devastation of future hurricanes. Even now, this is the only window protection system worthy of such widespread acclaim, including being the only company expected to be undamaged and prepared for future storms after a major hurricane. Existing building codes never even considered a product like Armor Screen.

Aluminum Shutters

Stunning Appearance and Proven Durability

Our selection of Impact Shutters is both attractive and durable. Our shutters have the low profile appearance of traditional wooden shutters but are made of aluminum, which makes them more durable. Our Louvered Shutters are available in a vast array of colors and offer unmatched quality and affordability for any residential, commercial, or industrial project. Our system has been installed on residential and commercial properties around the world where hurricane winds pose a real threat.

Our impact-resistant Bahama and Colonial shutters have a classic design and are built to last.

Storm Panels

Pioneering the Development of Hurricane Protection

Storm panels can protect your home or business during hurricane conditions. Storm panels are an economical way to protect the windows and glass of your home or business from flying storm debris.

Our storm panels are protected by numerous patents and are continuously enhanced to make them stronger and safer. Our objective is to provide the best shutter at the most affordable price. All products have been tested and are approved by the Florida Building Code.

Our transparent hurricane panels are the most transparent and durable on the market! The corrugated panels have virtually no distortion, while the flat panels are as transparent as glass. All products are user-friendly, allowing installers to make necessary adjustments on-site.

Accordion Shutters

Accordion hurricane shutters offer an elegant and cost-effective solution for protecting windows. Curved or detachable tracks enable the shutter to precisely fit any area of your residence, requiring minimal floor space. The accordion hurricane shutters have been tested to meet or exceed the requirements of the Florida building code.

Accordion Shutters provide the best value in hurricane protection and are the most popular type of hurricane protection due to their affordability and ease of use. When not in use, accordion shutters fold up alongside the opening and unfold accordion-style to cover and protect during a storm. As a result, a homeowner can typically secure and protect his home in less than 30 minutes.

Roll Down Shutters

Surpassing The Most Stringent Standards

Rolling aluminum shutters from Alutech provide security, weather protection, energy savings, and noise control in a single product. They are available in a variety of styles and colors, have been tested to withstand winds of 140 mph, and shield the opening from wind-driven rain and airborne debris.

Rolling aluminum shutters provide excellent security when required and are concealed when not in use. Even in coastal regions, powder-coated aluminum and stainless steel provide the best corrosion protection.

Crimsafe Security Screen

We believe that there should be no compromise when it comes to your and your family’s safety. Crimsafe products have been subjected to rigorous testing, during which they have consistently outperformed industry standards. Crimsafe may have imitators, but no comparable product exists.

Crimsafe is superior to the competition. This is a fact, not a boast. They employ thicker mesh and a screw-clamp system that has been demonstrated to be significantly more durable and difficult to breach than their competitors’. Crimsafe is attractive. Their stainless steel mesh offers maximum security without the intrusive look of bars and grilles. The powder-coated mesh and frames enhance and complement your home or business with their simple, clean lines. You will have the highest level of security and a magnificent view.



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